Trying to get out of Berlin on Easter Monday – April 21

It’s been more than 5 days since I wrote my last blog post. We have been hitch-hiking 4 days non-stop. So I basically didn’t have the time to update the blog. On top of that I lost my note book yesterday (just a paper one, not my laptop luckily), so I will have to recall everything from memory. A lot happened and I don’t feel like writing everything all over again. So I will try and keep the next few blog posts very short.

On Easter monday we tried to get out of Berlin, but there was absolutely no traffic. We managed to get to a gas station on a road that leads East, waited for over five hours, and then we hitchhiked back to Berlin, and spent another night at Lau’s place. The end!

Oh, no wait! Brecht just proposed to be a guest blogger on my website. He’s going to take today and the next 4 days of hitchhiking for his account. Here’s his version of today’s facts:

We decided to leave Berlin on Easter Monday, which was not the best decision we noticed later on. We managed to get to the gas station were we got a lift from an opera director. He took us out of town direction Berliner Ring and dropped us on an empty gas station. The day before he celebrated his birthday with his friends. We wished him a happy birthday and he gave us a bag of crisps which we gratefully took with open hands.

The opera director dude

We got some coffee in the gas station and started the talking game but it seemed nobody was going direction Poland. Out of boredom, Brecht started tagging all around and singing silly songs. As time passed by, we were getting more nervous to get out of Berlin. In total we waited for around 4 to 5 hours without success. Jules did not want to camp at the gas station so we decided to go back to Berlin and ask our friend Laurens if we could stay one more night. (BR)

To be continued..