Berlin to Warshaw – April 22

Here’s another post from Brecht. Enjoy!

We needed another strategy to get out of Berlin, so we next day we went back to the Michendorf Station, where we camped a couple of days ago. Here we waited for an hour and we got a ride straight in to Poland from Benjamin aka Benny. He was an engineer and had to check a construction yard. He drove very fast in a fancy car and we were in Poland before we knew it. He dropped us at a gas station, where we took some coffee and lunch.

Benny Boy

After lunch we found a ride in less then a minute straight to Warsaw. This was with Kacha, an industrial architect.

Kacha or Kasha. AKA Cathy.
Kacha or Kasha. AKA Cathy.

She dropped us off at a camping about 15 minutes from the city centre. We checked in and then Jules noticed that he forgot his passport in her car. Big problem, luckily this lady was smart and friendly enough to bring the passport to the campsite. After one hour of big stress and not knowing how to solve this problem, we were back in business thanks to this lady. (BR)

To be continued…