Apache very slow on localhost on Windows 10

Apache was slow, and then I disabled XDebug in PHP.ini, and then apache was fast again.

The. End.

The new player in town

[This message was sent trough a worm hole on Monday, November 2nd 2635 by the marketing department of BDWM]

Once upon a time, there was a small company that created websites. Sadly, the company didn’t have many customers. Yet there was a lot of interest in websites at that time. The Internet was brand new and a lot of different-sized devices got released. The company adapted to all these trends, using its responsive web design skills like a pro. But there were still no customers.

Was it because the websites were crap? Of course not! The websites were super awesome. They were all niftily crafted with the latest techniques of that time: HTML5 or something. Take a look for yourself on the portfolio, but note that at that time it was still pretty empty of course.

Maybe the websites were too expensive? Nah man. The company charged only 30 euro/hr. That may seem absurdly cheap now, but don’t forget that our story takes place before the recession that preceded World war III. But anyway, even then, 30 euro was still pretty cheap, especially if you consider the speed and quality with which these websites were developed. Furthermore, people could really make big cash if they ordered a web shop. The BDWM shops belonged to the most professional and user-friendly web shops of that time.

OK, so what was the problem? The small company started thinking really hard, and then it hit it! It would need it’s own website, so people could see for themselves what nice looking websites the company could make! So the company started to develop the website. What followed was beyond compare. In no time the company grew out to be the revelation of the millennium, and hundreds of thousands of people chose for the affordable quality that only this company could offer them. And the company that created websites lived happily ever after.

How many languages does your website speak?

Although most people understand and speak English to some extent, it is far from the only language in the world. If you really want to reach trough to your customers, you have to talk to them in their own language. Literally! Your customers will automatically trust you more if you and your website speak their language fluently.

If you would like to profile yourself as more than just another local business, BDWM can offer you a strong international image by making your website fully translatable in as many languages as you like. To make your website multilingual I use the free Polylang plugin by Chouby. Polylang is under development since September 2011 and has matured enough to compete with the many paid plugins.

Flashy HTML 5

“Flash? Aren’t that those incredibly slow loading websites that don’t work on your iPad?” – “Jep.” – “But they look so nice and flashy! I want one! Isn’t there a way to make it load faster and display it on the iPad?” – “Surely! With the latest web technologies it is possible to create fast websites that are only limited by your imagination.”

HTML5 sounds hot. But what is HTML5 exactly? Allow me to start by making the blunt statement that HTML5 is a bloated term. In short, HTML5 is nothing more than a handful of new standards on top of regular HTML, nothing too special really. But since the term is so widely spread, HTML5 has become a term to indicate all kinds of techniques and standards, which are widely accepted to be best-practice among web designers and developers. In the broad sense HTML5 includes CSS3 techniques, responsive web design, popular javascript frameworks, up to even pure graphic design trends.

To round up, here’s a couple of concrete benefits of “HTML5”

  • The content on your website will be interpreted more correctly by search engines, hereby making your website appear higher in the search results of your potential customers.
  • Because of the widely accepted standards used, The content of your website can be viewed easily by RSS readers, or it can be used by apps, or any other program. On top of that your website can be easily redesigned if you would ever get tired of its design.
  • Thanks to the newest CSS3 techniques and constantly evolving Javascript frameworks like jQuery, it is now possible to create beautiful graphics and animations very quickly. Of course the full potential of HTML5 can only be viewed on modern browsers, but for older browsers the layout will degrade gracefully. In other words: Your customers with medieval browsers won’t see the nice animations, but the site will not break and still look nice without all the niftyness.

Complete Webshop from 700 euro

Do you still have that collection of matchbox cars stacked up in the attic? Do you already own a shop and are you willing to give things a shot online? Would you like to quickly and easily promote your products via social networking sites? Or do you simply want to become the next amazone.com?

BDWM offers you a completely functioning webshop staring at 700 Euro. The webshop can be stand alone, or it can be integrated in your existing website. You will be able to manage the entire shop yourself with a custom made user-friendly admin panel.

A couple of shops developed by BDWM include Valdez Museum Shop, Danika FMMiniature Cyclists and ‘t Sfeerparadijs

Responsive webdesign

TV screens keep getting bigger. Smartphones keep getting smaller. BDWM likes to offer you a website that will look nice on all devices. You can try it yourself to see what I mean. Just scale down your browser window if you are on a desktop (using a recent browser), or rotate your tablet or phone. Do you see how the website nicely scales with the screen size? This technique is called responsive web design, and I have become a huge fan.

WordPress is awesome

Before WordPress matured, I always created content management systems (CMS) from scratch for my valued customers. I have tried Drupal, Joomla and older versions of WordPress, but time after time I came to the conclusion that those systems were either too heavy, or a lot of hacking was required to get the system to satisfy to the needs of my customers.

Since WordPress 3.0, though, I have nothing but praise for this great CMS. Both for developers and end users (you) WordPress is one of the most simple systems that exist. This means that I, as a developer, can easily and quickly convert the system to your needs. It’s true that you, the customer, will have to learn to work with WordPress, but fear not! WordPress is without doubt the most comprehensive out-of-the-box system of our time. In less than 10 minutes I can teach you how to manage your entire website yourself.

WordPress is the youngest and fastest growing CMS for the moment, there are more websites running WordPress than all other big CMSystems combined! (http://trends.builtwith.com/cms.) So learning WordPress now will definitely come in handy in the future.