Gutenberg: Problems with template_lock

In my previous post, I described a way for developers to create a custom user interface for a specific post type. This approach relies heavily on using template_lock='all' in combination with templateLock={false} on some of the child blocks.

Block templates with template_lock='all', and nested InnerBlocks with templateLock = { false } could be a promising technique, but it introduces some problems.

Problem 1: there’s a warning

Each published Book that you try to edit, will show this warning at the top:

template_lock='all' seems to not care whether or not templateLock={false} is set on any of its child blocks. That’s why you will always get this warning.

Work around 1: remove notice with JS dispatch (hack)

Calling this code will force the template to be valid.

dispatch( 'core/block-editor' ).setTemplateValidity( true );

Check an example of how to implement this.

Work around 2: hide notice with CSS (even bigger hack) {
  display: none;

Also see this comment.

Proposed solution

Template validation should be skipped for blocks that have templateLock set to false.

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Problem 2: you cannot create reusable blocks

It is impossible to create reusable blocks inside InnerBlocks with templateLock={false}.

The option “Add to Reusable blocks” does not appear in the context menu

Work around

  1. Create a new page or post (or any other post type that is not using template_lock)
  2. Create your reusable block here.
  3. Go back to the Edit Book screen, and add the reusable block.

You can now without any problems edit this reusable block from within the Book review block.

Proposed solution

Allow to convert blocks to reusable blocks, in any context that allows to insert new blocks. (I will create a PR if I find the time)

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Problem 3: There’s no “Add block” button in the top left corner

normal post
post with template_lock=’all’

Problem 4: You cannot insert patterns

It is impossible to add patters inside InnerBlocks with templateLock={false}.

Problem 5: You cannot add new lines in a locked paragraph

If you create a template lock like this:

$args = [
  'template_lock' => 'all',
  'template' = [[ 'core/paragraph' ]],

It is impossible to add new lines in the paragraph.

In non-locked paragraphs, you can add <br> by pressing Shift+Return

Work around

Switch to the code editor Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M and add the <br> manually.

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