Not that anyone is going to read this (hopefully)… (12-12-2016)

… but I thought keeping a journal from time to time is not the worst way to spend your time. So here it is. Travel Blog Resurrected. Or Travel Blog v 2.0. Or just another Travel blog. Okay yeah.. you get it.

So, what’s this one all about?

I’m off to another small adventure. I call it a small adventure because.. well it might just be a bigger personal adventure then I would like to admit. Then again. If this is gonna be my diary for the next five weeks I’ll better confess some stuff straight up. I’m going to Canada to go and visit my ex-girlfriend. BAM! Whaaaat?? okay, that word is out. Why couldn’t I just call it visiting a good friend or something. Well.. Cause it’s more weightier than that. An ex-girlfriend can never be just a good friend. Well not in this person’s case at least. (Should I write her name? Naah..)

Okay, enough awkwardness for now. There’s a lot more to come though, I promise!

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 13th of December I’m embarking on my first trip across the Atlantic, all the way to Calgary, Canada. Although I’m going to visit my ehm.. a girl there (I should really give her a name), I will be traveling on my own for the first time in my life. I’m gonna take the bus to London Gatwick, sleep in the airport, and the next morning catch a plane to Calagary. All by myself! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

I know it’s not THAT exciting. But it is to me okay. You can compare it to people that are afraid of spiders, yet slightly fascinated by them. If traveling solo would be a spider and I would be an arachnofo.. archnobie.. a person who’s afraid of spiders, then taking this trip would be like me forcing myself to eat a spider alive. Feeling it crawl in my mouth and hearing it’s little paws break and the blubbery bitter goo filling my mouth, and then swallow it. I don’t know if the goo would be bitter. I don’t even know if there would be goo. And if there was, I certainly wouldn’t know that it was green. It’s just a guess. Seriously, I don’t eat spiders.

At this point you might all think I’m a little wimp (and in fact I am). But, there’s more! I’m not just spending the night in an airport on my own. And I’m not just taking a scary plane on my own. I will actually be in Calgary on my own for 10 whole days. Ha!

Okay, I’m tired of myself now. Talk to you later, my dearest of diaries. xxx