Bromptom Gent – Geel – Hamme – Brussels – Gent (07/01 – 07/02)

Sunday 30/6

Time to get busy again. Tomorrow I need to be in Geel at 9AM (>100 km from Gent). I will never make it on one battery. Therefore I will take the train to Antwerp, and cycle the remaining 40km. This should be no problem, with the wind coming from the east, and a semi cloudy sky and an agreeable 22°C. (Yes, I come prepared this time.)

In the evening (at 5 PM) I need to be in Hamme, so I will cycle back (against the wind) and hope to arrive there around 1PM.

I hear you thinking: “What 1PM??? So what will you do with all this spare time?? Will you not be super tired??? And what about the sweat and all???!!!”

Well.. My mom happens to live in Hamme. so I’ll pay here a visit, take a shower and a nap, and then head to the meeting in the town hall. I’ll probably spend the night as well. Because the day after tomorrow I need to be in Brussels. And Brussels is only 35km from Hamme.

It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow. I will need to get up at 5 am and it’s almost midnight. So I’ll hit the sack!

Monday 01/09

It worked, but I was super exhausted. So I took the train back to Dendermonde and biked the last part back to Hamme, where I slept for 3 hours before I made it to my other meeting. This was a tough day. I think I need to get into better shape if I want to start making a habit of this… Still tired. So I kept it short. Sorry.

Tuesday 02/09

I biked to Brussels and then to Ghent. It was fun.