The new player in town

[This message was sent trough a worm hole on Monday, November 2nd 2635 by the marketing department of BDWM]

Once upon a time, there was a small company that created websites. Sadly, the company didn’t have many customers. Yet there was a lot of interest in websites at that time. The Internet was brand new and a lot of different-sized devices got released. The company adapted to all these trends, using its responsive web design skills like a pro. But there were still no customers.

Was it because the websites were crap? Of course not! The websites were super awesome. They were all niftily crafted with the latest techniques of that time: HTML5 or something. Take a look for yourself on the portfolio, but note that at that time it was still pretty empty of course.

Maybe the websites were too expensive? Nah man. The company charged only 30 euro/hr. That may seem absurdly cheap now, but don’t forget that our story takes place before the recession that preceded World war III. But anyway, even then, 30 euro was still pretty cheap, especially if you consider the speed and quality with which these websites were developed. Furthermore, people could really make big cash if they ordered a web shop. The BDWM shops belonged to the most professional and user-friendly web shops of that time.

OK, so what was the problem? The small company started thinking really hard, and then it hit it! It would need it’s own website, so people could see for themselves what nice looking websites the company could make! So the company started to develop the website. What followed was beyond compare. In no time the company grew out to be the revelation of the millennium, and hundreds of thousands of people chose for the affordable quality that only this company could offer them. And the company that created websites lived happily ever after.