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Are you a doctor with a practice and do your patients complain about the crowded waiting rooms? Or do you just have a busy schedule, and you would like your customers to make their own appointments without you having to check when you are available? BDWM offers you a customized system that allows the visitors of your website to make their own arrangements. The system can be implemented in your existing website, whether you already have a CMS or not.

In the admin panel you will find a list of all reservations, arranged chronologically. You can also easily choose the hours you are available, on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.  This way you will waste no time configuring the system. Changing a single reservation is easy as a mouse click. The system can also be made ​​fully responsive.

The base price to integrate this reservation system in your existing website is only 500 Euro (excl. VAT). There are a lot of competitors on the market who ask a monthly fee for a system like this, however, the BDWM approach has many advantages over these alternatives:

  • The design is completely to your taste and adjust. In the style of the website
  • There is no use of iframes, which are very mobile-unfriendly.
  • A fixed price means that the system is more you use it longer. Single cheaper
  • The reservation system runs entirely on the server of your own website, so you do not run the risk that the service will suddenly stop working.

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