Here you will find my entire collection of blog posts. For the moment they aren’t organized yet because there are so few, but I might get to it soon.

Xdebug Remote debugging with PHPStorm and Digital Ocean Droplet

Set up a remote server with PHP and XDebug installed. Because firewalls will be firewalls, we probably will need an SSH tunnel set up to the server in order for XDebug to work. So, better say goodby to “Remote” debugging, or prepare yourself for some serious hair pulling. To set op the SSH tunnel that […]

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How to hide menu items from wordpress admin for your clients

Just use the Adminimize plugin! If you don’t wanna, here are some functions

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How to create dynamically populated cascading dropdown-lists for Contact Form 7

Something I had to deal with quite often lately, is creating dynamic drop-down lists in WordPress, like this: As always, I like to use the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7 as a basis for all my form-driven projects. The reason is that Contact Form 7 has a robust validation mechanism. It is very lightweight, yet powerful […]

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WordPress Filterable Admin Columns for Custom Posts

After reading the great article on on how to create sortable admin columns for custom posts, I decided I wanted to take things a step further and add a select box to the top of the posts table to filter by a custom field. Here’s the code. I followed the same naming conventions as […]

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HTML5 alternative for nested anchor tags

HTML 5 standards do not allow nesting of hyperlinks, although there are some valid use cases to allow this. So we need to rely on a work-around like this one for now: HTML


Pen it!

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Apache very slow on localhost on Windows 10

Apache was slow, and then I disabled XDebug in PHP.ini, and then apache was fast again. The. End.

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The new player in town

[This message was sent trough a worm hole on Monday, November 2nd 2635 by the marketing department of BDWM] Once upon a time, there was a small company that created websites. Sadly, the company didn’t have many customers. Yet there was a lot of interest in websites at that time. The Internet was brand new […]

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How many languages does your website speak?

Although most people understand and speak English to some extent, it is far from the only language in the world. If you really want to reach trough to your customers, you have to talk to them in their own language. Literally! Your customers will automatically trust you more if you and your website speak their […]

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Flashy HTML 5

“Flash? Aren’t that those incredibly slow loading websites that don’t work on your iPad?” – “Jep.” – “But they look so nice and flashy! I want one! Isn’t there a way to make it load faster and display it on the iPad?” – “Surely! With the latest web technologies it is possible to create fast […]

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Complete Webshop from 700 euro

Do you still have that collection of matchbox cars stacked up in the attic? Do you already own a shop and are you willing to give things a shot online? Would you like to quickly and easily promote your products via social networking sites? Or do you simply want to become the next BDWM […]

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Responsive webdesign

TV screens keep getting bigger. Smartphones keep getting smaller. BDWM likes to offer you a website that will look nice on all devices. You can try it yourself to see what I mean. Just scale down your browser window if you are on a desktop (using a recent browser), or rotate your tablet or phone. […]

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WordPress is awesome

Before WordPress matured, I always created content management systems (CMS) from scratch for my valued customers. I have tried Drupal, Joomla and older versions of WordPress, but time after time I came to the conclusion that those systems were either too heavy, or a lot of hacking was required to get the system to satisfy […]

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