Riga to Tallinn – April 26

Here’s Brecht’s final contribution (for now). Enjoy!

Getting from Riga to Tallinn was piece of cake. We followed the instructions on hitchwiki.org to get to the highway. We took tram 6 till the terminus and then walked for half an hour to find a major gas station and then fixed a ride in 10 minutes. A couple (who didn’t have too much room in their car, -Jules) drove us for about 50 kms.

Left to right: The cat, Alica, Jules, Brecht, Janis

Left to right: The cat, Alica, Jules, Brecht, Janis

They had a cat in their car and were on their way to their vacation house in the countryside. We asked them to drop us at another gas station and there we were picked up by Pavel, a sales man, who drove us straight in the centre of Tallinn.

Shotgun! Yay!

Finally shotgun! Yay!

Interesting conversations with this guy about life, relationships, politics, hitchhiking, travel, Russia and more… (Like why Russians never smile, -Jules) (BR)


To be continued …